What is Local Link Kerry?

Local Link Kerry is the trading name of Kerry Community Transport CLG.

Local Link is the National brand for Public Transport services in local and rural areas of Ireland.  There are 15 Local Link offices nationally which are funded by the National Transport Authority.

Local Link Kerry provides Safe, Secure and Reliable Bus Transport Services in Co Kerry.

Kerry Community Transport CLG is an Independent Company with Charitable Status and is a non- profit organisation

Local Link Kerry Services

Local Link Kerry (LLK) manages and co-ordinates the delivery of a combination of scheduled Public & Community Transport Services as well as Contracted Services for a range of Agencies and Organisations.

Many of our services operate semi flexible routes throughout the County and can deviate up to 2 miles to pick passengers up at their own doors.

Local Link Kerry contracts bus providers to provide all services as Local Link Kerry does not own any buses.

In 2016 Local Link Kerry transport services carried out over 133,000 passenger trips all over the County.

  • Public & Community Transport

Local Link Kerry manage and co-ordinate the delivery of community and public transport services on behalf of the National Transport Authority with

  • Weekly Bus Services to access the local village or town for social, shopping, post office, banking, hospital and health facilities.
  • Transport Services to access Active Retirement Groups or Day Care Centres.
  • Door to door pick up of passengers where possible
  • a Countywide Call Centre for Passenger Bookings
  • All Services are provided by Local Bus Operators

Cost of service

The majority of services are (excl Route 283)

–        €5 Single or Day Return

–        €2.50 Under 12 years of age

–   Free Travel Pass accepted

–   Under 3 travel for Free.

  • Transport Co-ordination Unit

As the Transport Coordination Unit for Co Kerry Local Link Kerry manage and co-ordinate a range of services on behalf of other Agencies/ Organisation e.g. HSE, Kerry County Council, Kerry Diocesan Youth Services, Day Care Centres, Rural Men Initiative, Active Retired Networks, Community After School Facilities, Community Hospital etc..

  • Work with Agencies to support and promote Integrated Transport
  • Tender Transport services under National Guidelines
  • Are piloting a Volunteer Social Car Initiative in Tralee & Listowel for Hospital and Health Appointments.
  • Unresolved Transport Needs

Local Link Kerry work with Communities, Agencies and the Local Authority in identifying unresolved transport needs in Co. Kerry.

If you or your organisation can identify the need for a transport service in your area please contact Local Link Kerry on

 1890 528 528 and we will arrange to meet with you and go through an application


All passengers become members by completing a membership form that is then returned to the office by the passenger or the operator. This can also be completed over the phone.

Call Centre and Passenger Bookings

All services are coordinated centrally through the Countywide Call Centre based in our offices in Scartaglin.  Services are available to anyone who wishes to avail of them.

It is imperative that all passengers who wish to travel book their seats. This is to ensure that the bus operator has them on their list to pick up, that there is always adequate capacity on the service and that at all times LLK know who is on the buses.

Passengers can book a seat on a service by calling the lo-call number 1890 528 528, they can book their seat for a month in advance and then only inform the call centre if they are unable to travel a particular day.

A designated contact from a group / organisation can also make the bookings on behalf of their passengers.

Call Centre staff are very familiar with the customers making the services very personalised.  The extensive experience that staff has gained over the past 14 years of the local areas, the passengers and the various services adds to the high quality service that the company provides.