Bus Operators

Kerry Community Transport Ltd (KCT) contracts all of its bus services to Bus Operators located all over Kerry with 31 Operators currently contracted to provide weekly services.

In total KCT currently has 46 Bus Operators on our database as we also do some once off transport requests for other organisations / agencies.

The 46 Bus Operators registered with us have a combined fleet of over 210 vehicles ranging from 8 seats to 58 seats and 195 drivers to call from.

Driver & Passenger Assistant Training

KCT also train drivers in GLUAIS Driver & Passenger Assistant training which cover the following;

Module 1 (Drivers) Working with Minibus Drivers -Driving Your Minibus with Elderly & Disabled Clients

Topics include: Defensive Driving – Legal Responsibilities, Health & Safety – Manual Handling, Minibus Procedures – Emergencies

Module 2 (Drivers & Passenger Assistants) Working with Elderly and Disabled Clients

Topics include: History and Statistics on Disability – Different Disability Groups – Working with people with different disabilities – Manual Handling and Assessment  – Walking Disabled and Wheelchair Users
Risk Assessment and the Drivers Role – Passenger Care, Child Passengers with Disabilities and Elderly Passengers with Dementia
Managing Passengers Behaviour

Module 3 (Drivers & Passenger Assistants) Working with Wheelchairs, Ramps, Lifts and Clamping Equipment

Topics include:
Correct Procedures when using a Wheelchair Lift, Wheelchair Ramps
Rules for Travelling – Wheelchair Tie-downs
Special Wheelchairs and Special Equipment
Drivers Responsibility and ‘Duty of Care’

Minibus Emergency Evacuation Procedures (MEEP) (Drivers & Passenger Assistants)

MEEP training covers the following topics; Principles of Vehicle Evacuation, The ‘Golden’ Rules, Risk Assessment, Fire Prevention, Practical Demonstration & Role-play with a smoke machine

2016 will also see the implementation of a new National Driver & Passenger Assistant Training Course entitled; Local Link Safety Induction Training

Re-Tendering of Services in 2016

Local Link Bus Services will be re-tendered in 2016 and in November 2015 the National Transport Authority advertised a call for Operators nationally to register to Pre-Qualify for Rural Transport Services tendering.  It is available on http://www.etenders.gov.ie – RFT 100553.

Please contact us if you have any queries.