Here are some of the things our passengers say about our services

I feel very independent – don’t have to ask anybody to take me to Dingle or wait, I meet up with my friends, it’s great

We do not own a car. The service is door to door. There is enough time to shop in Tralee. Very satisfied, it’s punctual, enough time to shop in town

I would not be able to manage without it now. I can get my shopping on Tuesday, go to the Daycare on Wednesday and also play cards at night. Without the bus I would have to stay at home. I hope the service keeps going because people of my age would not be able to get out and meet our friends without it

I think the Community Transport Bus is very important for people in rural communities and can bring them to town on a weekly basis especially as some people cannot drive.

Brilliant, Absolutely great, get to town, driver puts messages on the bus and drop me to the door excellent service, bus drivers are very patient and helpful

Gets me out of the house – a reason to get dressed up and go somewhere to meet people and have a chat

The service is essential to non drivers, people who do not have cars, the elderly who would be house bound without the use of this service. The Drivers are courteous and helpful at all times. This is something that is sadly lacking on the public services

We are picked up at the door and dropped off there again, it’s a great service and always on time. Without community transport I would have no other way to travel