DRT – Demand Responsive Services 

Door to Doors Routes are bus services that operate a pick up and drop off at the door services for people living in rural areas, where possible. These services are demand responsive, that is they require pre booking with us so as to be collected at the door. 

These are services that have a start and end time but they route may vary according to passenger bookings. Many of these services pick passengers up from their homes, offering a door to door service. These services generally operate one or two days each week and booking is advised to ensure a seat.

Pre-Booking of seats is a requirement where there are deviations to the Route.
Due to the door-to-door nature of these services this may result in slight change to Pick up times. 

Cost of Transport for Demand Responsive Services 

  • €5 single or day return  (excluding Route 283, 285 & 287 & 950 services)
  • €2.50 Under 12 years of Age
  • Free Travel Pass Accepted and Under 5 also travel for Free

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