• Local Link Kerry (LLK) are working in Partnership with Kerry Public Participation Network (Kerry PPN) to support transport to Social Inclusion Activities in County Kerry.
  • This initiative will run from January to November 2019. Services will be co-ordinated by LLK and up to 50% of the cost of the transport may be covered by LLK.
  • Please note that groups/organisations that wish to be considered for support through this initiative must submit a written request for support by completing and returning the attached Social Inclusion Transport Support – Request Form 2019
  • Before submitting a request, please read and refer to the eligibility guidance note and specific conditions which will attach to any offer – Social-Inclusion-Transport-Support-Info-and-Eligibility 2019   Please note specifically that any offer will depend upon:

a) A clear fit between the journeys planned and the eligibility criteria for the fund.

b) A clear statement of need by the group as part of the request submitted

c) Transport requested completing before 30th November 2019.

d) Funds being available by LLK.

If you need any advice or guidance in relation to submitting a request for support, please contact Carmel Walsh, General Manager, Local Link Kerry,  066 71 47002 / carmel@locallinkkerry.ie

Community Group Transport

Eligibility & Specific Conditions of Offer

“Once Off Social Inclusion Transport Support- 2019”

Please note that the following conditions apply in respect of LLK   administration of this budget.   These conditions apply in respect of all groups/organisations seeking “transport only” supports.

Eligible Activities:

  1. Groups/organisations supported for Community Transport Services must aim to undertake activities with clearly identifiable social inclusion objectives and outline intended impacts/outcomes.
  2. Groups/organisations should provide a clear statement when submitting their request of why the transport support is needed and how it cannot be provided through alternative funding sources i.e. through members own funds, other organisations or agencies. Priority will be given to groups, where transport support is currently not already being resourced.
  3. Requests will be assessed on a case by case basis against specific criteria.
  4. Reasonableness will apply in ensuring a fair allocation of the funds in the case of groups requesting support for more than one return journey.
  5. Co-ordination and support will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.
  6. Please note that in light of only a limited fund being available, not all applications may be successful.

Eligible Date(s) for Transport:

A condition of this support is that all transport journeys will complete before 30th November 2019 (this will be determined by budget availability).

Group/Organisation Transport Needs / Requirements:

Group/Organisations seeking transport support should complete and return the attached “Transport Support Request Form” clearly outlining / detailing their transport support needs.

Local Link Kerry Pre-qualified Bus Operators

Only pre – qualified operators from LLK database will be asked to tender for this work.

Groups/organisations must not contact a bus operator for a quotation for the service prior to contacting LLK for transport support.


Groups/organisations will be notified of approval of request.

All information on the request will be confirmed and the service will be tendered.


Protection of Children or Vulnerable Adults:

Groups/organisations that are providing transport or activities for children or vulnerable adults will be asked to confirm in writing, that adequate supervision is in place for any supported journeys.

All LLK bus drivers are Garda Vetted.

Cost of Journey and Payments:

LLK will inform the group/organisation of the cost of transport and seek agreement prior to the service.

LLK will pay the operator and invoice the group/organisation after the service has occurred.

LLK will cover up to 50% of the cost for services under 200km and up to 25% for services over 200km.


If you need any advice or guidance in relation to submitting a request for support, please contact Carmel Walsh, General Manager, Local Link Kerry,  066 71 47002 / carmel@locallinkkerry.ie