Local Link provides safe secure and reliable Public Transport services in local and rural areas of Ireland.

There are 15 Local Link offices established around the Country with Kerry Community Transport being one of them.

The Rural Transport Programme provides services to people whose travel needs are not met by existing bus or train services. The Programme aims to enhance and sustain nationwide accessibility, through community based participation, particularly for those at risk of social exclusion, as well as people with mobility, sensory and cognitive impairments. It plays a major role in combatting rural isolation and acts as a catalyst in creating models of partnership, at all levels, where key sectors actively engage in transport provision, to ensure equality of access for all. The Programme’s remit is to operate only in cases of market failure. Services funded under the Programme complement, rather than compete with, existing public transport services provided by CIE Companies or by private transport operators.

See Local Link Website for the contact details of all other 16 Transport Coordiantion Units.