TFI Local Link Kerry recently spoke with PJ Broderick, Listowel.

PJ kindly gave some of his free time to answer a number of questions as part of our TFI Local Link Kerry Operator Q&A Series.

1. From your own experience, what does Local Link Kerry mean to your passengers? 

It is a great support to rural passengers to have a sure means of transport to local towns. 🚍

2. If you were stuck on a bus, who would you like it to be with & why?

Jeremy Clarkson, to see if my cornering cuts the mustard. 🚌

3. If you could relocate your route to anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

Venice, we could do Local Link in a gondola. 🛶

4. Best advice you have heard from a Passenger?

“Keep it under 80”

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📞  066-7147002