LLK Guiding Principles

  • LLK will endeavour to provide transport services, which promote social inclusion and equality of access in terms of availability and accessibility and affordability in communities throughout Co. Kerry.
  • LLK will work in partnership with local communities in designing, developing, promoting and evaluating transport, which responds to local existing and unmet transport needs
  • LLK will continue to implement quality standards through the Board, staffing and in the delivery of services by operators.
  • LLK will identify areas where integration and collaboration can be achieved with other agencies, organisations and public and private providers
  • LLK will operate in an efficient manner and where possible utilise new technologies in creating new efficiencies within the Company
  • LLK will record best practice to influence the development of local, regional and national transport policy

These values reflect the key principles of the Rural Transport Programme;
Equality, Social Inclusion, Community Based Approaches, Diversity and Learning, Quality, Integration, Value for Money

LLK Strategic Aims

  • To develop and deliver transport at local level through a community development approach by engaging with local communities, community & voluntary organisations and Local Development Companies in response to the needs of people of Kerry
  • To continue to engage with agencies and organisations through consultation and joint action, leading to an interagency strategy to identify and develop transport solutions
  • To research other non-conventional methods of transport provision to allow for flexibility in the delivery of transport services across the County
  • To continue to develop and deliver an integrated, accessible and affordable community transport service open to the public through a company that focuses on quality structures and efficiencies