TFI Local Link Kerry Guiding Principles

  • TFI Local Link Kerry will endeavour to provide transport services, which promote social inclusion and equality of access in terms of availability and accessibility and affordability in communities throughout Co. Kerry.

  • TFI Local Link Kerry will work in partnership with local communities in designing, developing, promoting and evaluating transport, which responds to local existing and unmet transport needs.

  • TFI Local Link Kerry will continue to implement quality standards through the Board, staffing and in the delivery of services by operators.

  • TFI Local Link Kerry will identify areas where integration and collaboration can be achieved with other agencies, organisations and public and private providers.

  • TFI Local Link Kerry will operate in an efficient manner and where possible utilise new technologies in creating new efficiencies within the Company.

  • TFI Local Link Kerry will record best practice to influence the development of local, regional and national transport policy.

These values reflect the key principles of the Rural Transport Programme;

Equality, Social Inclusion, Community Based Approaches, Diversity and Learning, Quality, Integration, Value for Money

Key Priority 1

Managing and Sustaining Current Transport Provision

Managing all operations of TFI Local Link Kerry where strategic objectives are aligned to the NTA Rural Transport Programme Strategy.  Sustain, monitor and manage all existing transport contracts on behalf of the Authority.

Key Priority 2

Route Development and Expansion

The Aim of TFI Local Link Kerry is to identify improvements in existing services and develop new routes based on unmet need and the challenges faced by rural communities which support social Inclusion and access.

Key Priority 3

Innovation and Integration

TFI Local Link Kerry will work in an integrated manner with key stakeholders to support joined up thinking and innovation.  TFI Local Link Kerry will promote and support innovative approaches to working in partnership to develop models of best practice.

Key Priority 4

Access for All

TFI Local Link Kerry aim to support Operators in reaching National Transport Authority targets re Accessible Services by 2022.