TFI Local Link Kerry recently spoke with Sarah O’Connor who is a frequent passenger on our Route 283. For further details with respect to this service, please follow the below link.

R283: Currans – Currow – Kerry Airport – Farranfore – Firies – Ballyfinnane – Farmers Bridge – Tralee

Sarah kindly gave some of her free time to answer a number of questions as part of our TFI Local Link Kerry Passenger Q&A Series.

  1. From your own personal experience, what does TFI Local Link Kerry and
    our services mean to you and your fellow passengers?

TFI Local link Kerry means a lot to me as I live out in a rural area and I cant drive so if i didn’t have the TFI Local Link Kerry bus to get me to where I want to go I would have to rely on my parents to take me which would take time out of their day.

  1. Best advice given to you by a fellow passenger or driver? 

One passenger who regularly gets the bus once told me that it’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.

  1. A few words about your driver?

Paudie and Mark Collins are lovely every morning when I get on the bus.  They always say hello and have a conversation with me but what I mostly love to see is them interacting with my older neighbours who also get the bus. They are always friendly and will ask about history as its one topic an old man likes to talk about.  

  1. What person, totally randomly, would you like to meet on the bus and why?

I would love to meet colin firth as he just seems like he knows a lot about history and could hold a good conversation.