TFI Local Link Kerry recently spoke with Kieran Griffin of McCarthy Coaches, Caherciveen.

Kieran kindly gave some of his free time to answer a number of questions as part of our TFI Local Link Kerry Operator Q&A Series.

1. From your own experience, what does Local Link Kerry mean to your passengers? 

I have heard it a thousand times from passenger’s local link is a handy service! If anyone asks me, it is about getting the passenger from their front door or nearest bus stop to their destination in a comfortable environment with good music playing in background and always having a good listening ear as to hear how the passenger’s day is going or just that days weather predictions. 🚍🚏🎼☀

2. Best advice given to you by a passenger?

Life is short so make the most from it! 🚣🧗🚶‍                                                                                         

3. What person, totally randomly, would you like to meet on the bus and why?

I always find it interesting meeting passengers that are on holiday from abroad getting to hear about where they have travelled from and giving them advice on the best places to visit while their down visiting. 

4. A funny/witty story from your time driving a TFI Local Link Kerry service?

I was chatting to a gentleman one morning on the Valentia Island route when he asked me was I married with kids?

To which I jokingly replied “Nah I’m single, too young for that racket”. 

He then ask’s “how old I am?” 26 I said to him. 

He paused for a moment then said “I was married at age 27 so you have one year to find yourself a wife!” 😄



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