The National Transport Authority have launched a one-year pilot programme for a localised, licenced #localhackneyservice to help improve transport choices for people in rural areas.

The Local Hackney Pilot is a grant-aided pilot programme that aims to assist in the provision of part-time local hackney services in designated rural areas which cannot support a full time taxi or hackney operation. One critical feature of this special limited licence is that no Local Hackney service may replace or displace any standard taxi or hackney service already operating and providing services in any area.

There is a grant available to contribute towards the fixed costs associated with providing this part-time service,up to €6,000 will be payable over one year, in equal monthly instalments, where the service provider can show that the services are being used and that the Local Hackney is of benefit to the community.

Glencar has been chosen as the pilot area for County Kerry and the final acceptance date for applications for this pilot is 28th February 2023.

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