R44 – SNEEM – BLACKWATER – TEMPLENOE – KENMARE International Symbol of Access - Wikipedia

Every Wednesday

Scroll left to right on the table to see the full route timetable.

Stops Inbound Stops Outbound
Depart: Quills, Sneem 09:30 Depart: Murphy’s, Supervalu 13:10
Depart: Boston Bridge, Blackwater 10:00 Depart: Main Street, Kenmare 13:15
Depart: Templenoe 10:15 Arrive: Templenoe 13:30
Arrive: Main Street, Kenmare 10:30 Arrive: Blackwater Tavern/Post Office 13:45
Arrive: Quills, Sneem 14:35
This Service will be Door to Door (where possible) in the following townlands:

Quills, Blackwater Tavern/Post Office (10.05), Eclipse Centre Blackwater (10.10), Cappnacuss (10.00), Templenoe (10.30), Kenmare (10.45).

Pre-Booking of seats is a requirement where there are deviations to the Route. Due to the door-to-door nature of the above service this may result in slight change to Pick up times.