Every Friday

Scroll left to right on the table to see the full route timetable.

Stops Inbound Stops Outbound
Kells West 09:30 Devlins Centra/Post Office 13:00
Kells Station 09:45 Deelis Bridge Shop 13:15
Coulagh 09:55 Coulagh 13:35
Devlins Centra/Post Office 10:15 Kells Station 13:45
Kells West 14:00
This Service will be Door to Door (where possible) in the following townlands

Kells Bay, Kells West, Roads, Kells Post Office, Cahernane, Teeromoyle, Gortnagulla, Couloagh, Garrydine, Boulerdah, Gortnagree, Reacastle, Foilmore Church, Deelis Bridge Shop.

Pre-Booking of seats is a requirement where there are deviations to the Route. Due to the door-to-door nature of the above service this may result in slight change to Pick up times.