TFI Local Link Kerry recently spoke with Susan Goggins of Goggin Mini Coach & Bus Hire, Ballinskelligs.

Goggin Mini Coach & Bus Hire operate the below service on behalf of TFI Local Link Kerry.                           


Susan kindly gave some of her free time to answer a number of questions as part of our TFI Local Link Kerry Operator Q&A Series.

  1. From your own experience,  what does Local Link Kerry mean to your passengers?

For the longest time, Local Link Kerry has been a huge success in our area. To the passenger, it means a great sense of community and commitment. We are committed to giving the passenger a continuation of service to bring them to and from wherever it is you take them on a certain day. They can experience safe and comfortable travel in a cost effective and friendly way – it is a win: win for everyone.

  1. Funniest moment/wittiest comment.

Once said to me.. “You would need eyes in the back of your head to be able to reverse like that.” I haven’t admitted yet that it’s all the surrounding mirrors.

  1. If you were stuck on a bus, who would you like it to be with & why?

I’d be happy on my own but if I was to drive with someone then Michael D Higgins or Barack Obama (or someone in power like that) would surely provide great stories and entertainment for the journey.

  1. If you could relocate your route to anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

I would stay put in beautiful Ballinskelligs. If the last year has thought us anything, it is that how lucky we are to live where we do.

  1. Best advice you have heard from a Passenger?

Always paddle your own Canoe…..

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