TFI Local Link Kerry recently spoke with Tony Daughton of Daughton Bus Hire, Ballyheigue.

Daughton Bus Hire operate the below services on behalf of TFI Local Link Kerry.         

R11a Mountcoal – Lyreacrompane – Pallas – Finuge – Listowel

R11b Mountcoal – Lyreacrompane – Pallas – Finuge – Tralee

R14 Lixnaw – Finuge – Listowel

R15 Lixnaw – Abbeydorney – Tralee

  1. From your own experience, what does Local Link Kerry mean to your passengers? 

From my experience TFI Local Link Kerry gives my passengers a chance to meet new people, building friendships, having a good chat and a laugh. It gives the passengers something to look forward to. Passengers are not just passengers, they are family. 🤗

  1. Funniest moment/wittiest comment.

Every day brings laughter, just listening to my passengers stories makes being a bus driver all worthwhile. Every person that comes on the bus has a story to tell and brings something new on every journey. 😄

  1. If you were stuck on a bus, who would you like it to be with & why? 

If I was stuck on the bus with someone it would have to be Brendan o Carroll aka Mrs Brown. I think he would bring a great sense of humor for both the passengers and me. 👩‍🦳

  1. If you could relocate your route to anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why?

I wouldn’t relocate my route, I care for my passengers and I wouldn’t change them or change the place. They are what make me getting up in the morning and give me something to look forward to. 🚌

  1. Best advice you have heard from a Passenger?

Say nothing until you hear more! & Shut mouth catches no flies – (They are just two of many more) 💯

For further information, inclusive of timetables, 


📞  066-7147002