Local Link Kerry

I really appreciate the service. I don’t have much business in town but it breaks up the day. I can get my hair cut; if it’s a day for the doctor I’ll see my doctor. I go to Mass on Sunday; I go with my son but he’s busy with work and his time is regular and he can’t always be there. If he’s going and isn’t busy he’ll take me. My daughter is too far away in Cork and I live on my own. I stopped driving at 76 because of my eyes but I am a very inde¬pendent person and I miss it a lot. I think the socialising part of Kerry Community Transport is very important, because it helps you from getting depressed; it’s not good if you are on your own. All my old neighbours are gone and the young¬er people have all gone to work. I don’t see many people and in the daytime I am home by myself

Without transportation events such as the Tea Dances could not go ahead as most of our group members are dependent on others for transportation, it is most unlikely that they would be in a position to engage the services of friends and family members to transport them the long distances involved in attending the Tea dances in the various location in Mid and South Kerry.

The provision of transport has impacted hugely on our service. Without this provision we would not be in a position to offer afterschool services. Parents would not be in a position to pay full cost of transport in addition to increase in Childcare costs due to less of staffing grants.
We are delighted KCT can provide the afterschool transport service for us. It is a professional reliable service providing ease of mind for our service and our parents

I feel very independent – don’t have to ask anybody to take me to Dingle or wait, I meet up with my friends, it’s great

We do not own a car. The service is door to door. There is enough time to shop in Tralee. Very satisfied, it’s punctual, enough time to shop in town

I would not be able to manage without it now. I can get my shopping on Tuesday, go to the Daycare on Wednesday and also play cards at night. Without the bus I would have to stay at home. I hope the service keeps going because people of my age would not be able to get out and meet our friends without it

I think the Community Transport Bus is very important for people in rural communities and can bring them to town on a weekly basis especially as some people cannot drive.